Hi, I’m Nicole. I am a photographer currently living in Northern Virginia, born and raised in California.

My career began with teaching darkroom film photography classes after completing my Master of Arts from California State University, Northridge in 2013. Since then I have continued to grow and incorporate my range of photography skills within my wedding photography, utilizing both film and digital formats to give my couples the most authentic and unparalleled galleries.

I believe photography is the most beautiful blend of art and human connection. This idea has guided me to approach weddings with a distinct eye, mixing photojournalism and traditional art practices, while creating an elevated color profile so that the imagery is always true to its natural tones.

I’ll see you on the dance floor. xx

a bit about me

I often reminisce back on my own wedding photos and family history to fuel inspiration and remind myself what it is I have personally valued most over the years. My grandmother passed away in 2020 and the photographs I have of her are my most treasured heirlooms.

My grandmother and my grandfather are so special to my husband and I that we got married on their 55th wedding anniversary. They became an important part of our ceremony and I was lucky to have a wedding photographer who went beyond the traditional standards of wedding photography and captured in-between moments that would normally be overlooked.

Each couple is different, each celebration is different, so I hone in on these individual elements to truly elevate the couples personal stories and allow their most authentic selves to shine through. The moments captured with my grandmother hold so much joy and I will work so damn hard to give my couples those same types of memories, too.

my inspiration