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Kathleen+Blake Engagement PT.II

Kathleen and Blake were real troopers during their engagement session, dealing with what seemed like hurricane like winds and very chilly temperatures, but it was all worth it once we got to this special spot that over looks Downtown Cincinnati. After battling the wind all day, it was at this point in the session where Kathleen and Blake finally gave up on trying to keep their hair looking pretty and eyes from watering like crazy, and just sat back and relaxed and snuggled and laughed the rest of the evening. These are some of my favorite moments from that day, just the two of them clinging to each other with big smiles and sweet kisses in a spot that means so much to them. This is the spot where Blake proposed to Kathleen just a year ago and in a few days they will finally day “I Do”! I cannot wait, and I know they can’t either!
(If you missed the first half of their engagement, click here!)
nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0016 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0001 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0003 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0020 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0011 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0009 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0010 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0006 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0018 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0004 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0019 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0012 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0015 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0005 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0022 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0008 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0007 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0014 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0021 nicoleclarey_kathleen+blake_engagement_0002

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