How to Look Good & Feel Good for your Engagement Session

Want to look good and feel confident going into your engagement session? Of course you do! But you’ve never had professional photos taken so you’re nervous about getting in front of the camera and feeling awkward because you have no idea what to do or expect.

Let’s be honest, engagement sessions are kind of a weird thing. However, they’ve become such a great experience to allow couples to feel comfortable in front of a camera, along with their wedding photographer. Because really, unless you’re a celebrity or a model, it can be pretty nerve-racking to have a camera in your face. So, let’s put some of your concerns at ease and dive into some ways to get you feeling 100% prepared for your session with me.

1.Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

First and foremost- wear something comfortable. Now is not the time to break out those brand new 5 inch heels or an unwashed, itchy wool sweater. If you feel uncomfortable, then you’re going to look uncomfortable. It’s also not the time to try out a whole new look. If you’ve NEVER worn a suit, don’t wear one now. If red is not a color in your every day wardrobe, then stay away from it. Clothing can make you feel restricted, so play it safe so when you look back at your photographs you see a version of yourself and don’t go “what was I wearing?!”.

2. Pamper Yourself

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself before your session to give you a little extra confidence— make a day of it! Ladies, get your hair and make-up done. Guys, get a fresh cut and shave. If you’re feeling extra nervous, do something enjoyable together like a morning hike or a couples massage to loosen you up.

Pro Tip: This is a great excuse for a trial run with your hair and make-up artist for your wedding!

3. Pick A Location That Reflects YOU

If you’re an outdoorsy, country type of couple, why would you choose an urban setting for your session? Comfort is also going to come from the location that we photograph you in, so it’s important for us to discuss a spot that fits your personalities. You could be thinking “I have NO idea where I even want to go for our session…” and that is totally ok, too. I’m here to guide you and recommend places that will best showcase you two.

4. Make It Your Own

Shut out the noise of social media and any expectations that have been set to have a “perfect engagement session.” You don’t need an epic backdrop or expensive attire. Hone in on what is important to the two of you and BE YOU. I know, easier said than done, but I want your session to be authentic to you as a couple and you should, too. 

5. Phone a Friend (Or Your Dog)

Have a friend that brings out the best in you or has really hilarious jokes? Or maybe having your furry friend next to you calms you down? Bring ‘em- the more the merrier! Also, who doesn’t want super adorable photos with their fur babies?

6. Let’s Grab a Drink.

We don’t want you plastered, but a little liquid courage isn’t harming anyone. The image above is from a couple who wanted to incorporate a brewery into their session because 1. It was a place they loved. 2. They felt they needed a drink to help with the nerves. Two birds with one stone! This is great too for sessions at a vineyard.

7. There are NO RULES, so HAVE FUN!

Let’s remember- an engagement is about you two as a couple, no one else. Social media has driven what is “expected” from these types of sessions, or what makes them “the prettiest”. But engagement sessions don’t have to be stuffy. They can be fun and spontaneous and unique!

I believe these tips will truly bring you to a confident state of mind even before beginning our engagement session together. Even once the actual photographing takes place, I’m there to help guide and place you. All the while keeping you feeling and looking your best.

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